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19th December 2014 | Today's High Tides | 10:05 - 4.62m | 22:30 - 4.92m | Full Tide Tables

What is the Wallasea Wild Coast Project?

It is a major marine habitat creation project being sponsored by the RSPB – the largest project of its kind in Europe. It will involve flooding a large part of Wallasea Island by eventually breaching the sea walls into the River Roach in six places creating a range of habitats for wildfowl and other marine species. However, before the seawalls are breached a large amount of solid material will be imported by sea into the island to raise land levels, shape and create lagoons and habitat areas, stabilise remaining seawalls and also limit the volume of seawater which would otherwise flow on and off the island each tide. In all about 7.5 million cu.m. will be needed to complete the project over about 9 years. Approximately the first third of the material will come from the tunnelling arisings of the London Crossrail railway tunnelling project – itself one of the largest Civil Engineering projects in Europe!

Artists impression - birds